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    24 September at 11:13 from atlas

    Alice Fung, an accredited Occupational Therapist with OT Australia, has worked in occupational rehabilitation, acquired brain injury and mental health scenes for over 10 years.

    Her special interests (and secret passion) is chronic pain management and cognitive rehabilitation / retraining.

    Alice has a Psychology degree, Masters in Occupational Therapy and a post graduate qualification in Pain management from University of Sydney.

    Alice is able to provide the above services in English and in other languages (Cantonese and Mandarin).

    For more information about her research papers, please see the following links:

    1. OT AUSTRALIA NSW - Conference paper 2003

    2. ???? - ??????? (Origami in Mental Health Therapy)

    3. World Federation of Occupational Therapy - 2006 Conference oral paper
    Chronic pain and occupation


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